A woman on testosterone: Big T. (1 min)

Testosterone. Sex. Desire. Lust. A comedy. And a middle age woman who finally gets it. To be like a guy with incessant sexual desire. All the time. Every day. Looking to “hook-up”. But that’s not all. In future episodes she does what any self respecting woman would do. She shares it with her friends. Then with strangers. Then it becomes a business. She becomes fearless. Empire meets Sex and the City…. BIG T.

What happens to a woman who has an overabundance of testosterone in her blood? She finally understands men. But it’s not a joke. Or a gimmick. Testosterone helps women maintain bone mass, muscle mass and brain function. What’s not to like? There are many OBGYNs in the USA who are firm believers in testosterone hormone replacement. But there’s not an overabundance of science. The FDA associates testosterone with men, even though it’s a naturally occurring hormone in women.

Brenda Ray is developing several projects for television and the screen.